Pair live the dream with new wine firm

Lee Argentina
Lee Argentina

A husband and wife team has set up a new wine business, bringing the best of Argentina to the UK.

Former Lord Williams’s student and Thame resident Lee Evans and his wife Maria, have set up Condor Wines, a specialist importer of Argentinian wines, in the process fulfilling their lifetime dream.

Lee, whose parents have owned Thame Snooker Club for over 25 years and whose father is the longest serving licence holder in the town, is now even supplying Oak Taverns in Thame and Brackley Wines in Brackley.

This means their wines now appear on the menus at The Cross Keys in Thame and The Rising Sun in Haddenham.

Co-owner of Condor Wines which started trading in May 2012, Maria, who is Argentinian, said: “Lee and I sought to create a company which combines our passion for Argentina and its wine with a wealth of trade experience gained from working within one of the world’s largest hotel chains, a multi-national drinks company and a leading bar and restaurant operator.”

Lee said that before setting up the business, the couple even spent 10 months living in Argentina to meet producers and set up the business.

He said: “During the last 10 years, whilst working in the hospitality and drinks industry, we witnessed the growth of Argentinian wine in the UK and often discussed importing wine ourselves.

“In December 2010 we decided to take the plunge and so left the UK for a 10 month break to visit family but also start the ground work for the formation of Condor Wines.

“Once in Argentina, we worked hard to establish contacts within the wine industry.

“It is still early-days but we have turned our dream into a tangible business and are enjoying the freedom to shape our own destinies.”

As many people in Thame have expressed an interest in the company and wish to learn more about wines from Argentina, Lee and Maria will be holding a ‘Tastes of Argentina’ night at the Thame Snooker Club on September 15.

There is the chance to taste 15 different wines from the collections at this event, as well as watching a performance by professional tango dancers from Oxford Tango School and to try authentic food.

It is an open event and tickets are available from the club for £5.