Outdoor cafe and play area planned for Hale Leys

An artist's impression of the new cafe planned for Hale Leys
An artist's impression of the new cafe planned for Hale Leys
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Plans for an outdoor cafe and playing area outside Hale Leys in the Long Lional alleyway have been put forward.

It marks the first phase of Aylesbury Vale Estates’ (which is backed by Aylesbury Vale District Council) improvement plans for the Aylesbury shopping centre, having purchased it in September.

Aylesbury Vale Estates said it wants to ‘upgrade the currently bland and unappealing entrance which links with the Exchange Street car park’.

A new café is proposed, adjacent to the entrance, which will have extensive outdoor seating and a new childrens play area will be integrated into the landscaping.

Graham Cole of Aylesbury Vale Estate said: “The removal 18 months ago of the old civic buildings and the surface car park that has replaced them changes entirely the nature of what was previously a dark uninviting Long Lional.

“Opening up this entrance, which is now one of the main ‘front doors’ to the town from the popular car park and providing a light and airy café with inside and outside seating will be key. We are particularly keen to see a childrens play area adjacent to the café.

“At the moment there is nowhere in central Aylesbury for parents to let young children off the leash for a few minutes and, although not a particularly attractive option for the middle of winter, this south facing garden area could be very appealing if the sun ever shines again in spring and summer.

He added: To create this amenity we have had to remove four trees but are happy that the remaining trees will provide a canopy and add to the attractiveness of the area.”

The works are tied in with a series of internal renovations to the centre. The outside works require planning permission which will shortly be submitted.