Oscar the ASBO cat is back under house arrest (and about to start therapy)

Oscar the ASBO cat from Wingrave pictured with owner Caroline Hughes
Oscar the ASBO cat from Wingrave pictured with owner Caroline Hughes

A bad boy cat which once had police attention after hospitalising a neighbour has been returned to its owner after getting lost and terrorising another village.

Oscar, of Wingrave, a five-year-old Turkish Van cat known for attacking dogs, vanished on October 17.

It was suspected that he had jumped on the back of a lorry and owner Caroline Hughes admits ‘it was his bad behaviour that brought him back to me’.

Oscar had found a house where the owners were away and was stealing the food left for the other pets by a cat sitter – who has since refused to ever help out again because of the ordeal.

On her return the owner captured Oscar by setting the cat flap so he could only get inside , then whisked him to the vet to check his microchip.

Ms Hughes said: “When I got the call, I asked ‘is he OK and alive’? The vet said ‘he’s very much alive and causing problems’. I said ‘that’s Oscar, he’s OK’.”

Ms Hughes now plans to try herbal therapy to see if it will reduce his aggression.

The 36-year-old telecoms worker is also planning to move house to find a large and secure garden for Oscar. In the meantime she says he is under house arrest.

One villager, who asked not to be named, said: “If it had been a dog that attacked a human it would have been put down.

“That fact that it was a cat, you can’t legally do anything about it. People were hoping he would turn up in a body bag.

“Children can’t walk down the alley to the school. They all know about the cat and they are all frightened it’s going to get them.”

Oscar victim Tom Ridgeway, 77, spent a week in hospital after allegedly being attacked by the so-called ‘Lion Cat Of Wingrave’ in May.

He said: “Our cats are more concerned than we are, because they are frightened of him.

“I shall get my water pistol out and reload it. There are two or three people in the area that now have water pistols. The hit teams in the village had been stood down, whether they’ll be reinstated we’ll see. It depends on how Oscar behaves.”