Organisers apply to host a repeat festival next year

Crowds call out for a return of Music in Elms Park
Crowds call out for a return of Music in Elms Park

THE decision as to whether the popular Music in the Park event will return next year is now in the hands of Thame Town Council.

Fans were chanting at last weekend’s event for the festival to become an annual celebration and organisers seem to have listened.

Organiser Steve Gunn said: “Many of this year’s visitors made it very clear that they’d love to see it become an annual event.

“All we can say at the moment is that the town council have to consider the idea and approve the use of the park.

“With so much local support it will be hard not to say yes but we’ll keep you posted.

“In the meantime, we are hopeful that the great community spirit shown and the success of the event will lead to a positive decision.”

In excess of 1,800 people attended the festival, raising more than £7,000 – more than expected.

Mr Gunn said: “It beat our expectation – if I’m honest, I thought 1,000 people would be a good turnout.”