Opera meets ballroom as new genre tested in Vale

Dancer Michael Burton, singer Anabella Amdur, dancer Martina Burton and tenor Andrew Amdur
Dancer Michael Burton, singer Anabella Amdur, dancer Martina Burton and tenor Andrew Amdur

A NINE-year-old girl is expected to steal the show when Opera Come Strictly premieres at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre on April 21.

Expect to see a 15-piece orchestra, award-winning dancers, smoke and lighting effects, an internationally recognised tenor and star-in-the-making Anabella Amdur.

The idea for the show came from Anabella’s dad Andrew, who has performed with many of the world’s greats and sang the National Anthem at Twickenham in front of a TV audience of millions. “You have the best of both worlds, opera music and modern songs such as Somewhere Over The Rainbow along with ballroom dancing,” says the 41 year old. “The dancing will take place while I am singing, but there will be some solos as well. I will be singing famous tenor songs and hits, such as Nessun dorma.

“I am very proud because it is a father and daughter on stage, we both have opera voices and I don’t think a show like this has been done before. We will be singing some duets together. She has got an exceptional operatic voice. She sounds very professional for her age and can sing some of the highest operatic repertoires there is and she will be demonstrating that on stage.”

Anabella said: “I love performing. When I was two I started to do the high notes. I heard my daddy singing a lot. My daddy tells me which songs to try and I see if I like them. My favourite song that I will be singing is O mio babbino caro (Oh My Beloved Father), but also Somewhere Over The Rainbow. But I like them all.”

The dancers in the show are Michael and Martina Burton, who have won competitions around the world. Mr Amdur chose Aylesbury to host the first show, saying: “It is a beautiful theatre, it is brand new and we felt it was a lovely theatre and a good place to start.”

For more details visit www.operacomestricly.com