Only one chance to capture magical marriage moment!

The Kiss with Veil, photography by Tony Cashen of Wedding Photo Art
The Kiss with Veil, photography by Tony Cashen of Wedding Photo Art
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A wedding photographer is appealing to engaged couples to allow more time on their wedding day for professional pictures.

Tony Cashen, of Wedding Photo Art, says increasingly couples request exceptionally artistic images, but fail to understand the time required to capture them.

He said: “I’ve done wedding photography for 15 years and I actually enjoy the stress of it.

“It’s the most exciting time of someone’s life and there is a lot of happiness there on the day.

“I’ve been lucky, no-one has ever been disappointed with my work, but I know it happens to other photographers.

“I’ve been on photographers’ forums and have read what they say and they complain bitterly that they are rarely given enough time to capture what people want.”

For this reason Mr Cashen is spending a day at Nether Winchendon House in September to hold a creative photo shoot using models, professional hair and make-up, executive car services, splendid dresses, drapes, lights and fantastic effects.

He said: “The project is to spend time capturing images on the day at Nether Winchendon House that couples could look at and achieve if they give time on the day with their chosen professional.”

Mr Cashen, who charges £800 for wedding day photography from bridal preparation to evening reception, plus an additional £400 - £1,500 for albums, said: “You don’t need to spend a fortune on an amazing location to get amazing images. The best wedding I’ve done was last weekend.

“The bride and groom knew what they wanted, they were relaxed and calm and gave me the time I needed to capture what they wanted.”

Mr Cashen says the traditional family group shots that link generations together are still vitally important, but that couples then need to give about an hour for just themselves and the photographer to capture the unique creative images that can provide lifelong memories.