You can buy a Prosecco-themed advent calendar in time for Christmas

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It might still be four months until Christmas, but lovers of a glass of fizz can already get ready for the festive season with their bubbly-themed advent calendar.

Online alcohol retailer The Pip Stop are selling a variety of Christmas gifts on their website, including the ‘Sparkle Advent Calendar’.

It features a tiny bottle of fizz behind each of its 24 windows, including Prosecco, cava and Champagne. As you might expect, this gift doesn’t come cheap and will set you back £125.

Although it doesn’t officially go on sale until September 18, you can pre-order one now - perhaps a wise move given that these are likely to sell out fast.

The company are also selling a variety of other gift calendars, including ones filled with beer, wine, and gin and tonic and even baubles filled with alcohol.

Demand has proved big in the past so although the mention of the ‘C’ word will send a shiver up spines this far out of the festive season, only the best prepared will get their hands on one.

Other alternative calendars have sold out well in the past - with Benefit’s sold-out beauty version selling for twice its retail price on Ebay last year.

On Saturday many Lidl stores across the country ran out of Prosecco after the supermarket chain offered six bottles of Allini fizz for £20 - working out at just £3.33 a bottle.