Hedge woman sparks police investigation

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A PARTYGOER managed to get herself trapped behind some electric gates after accidentally getting dropped off at a farm in the early hours of the morning, police have revealed.

Four officers were called to deal with the incident, after the 24 year old lost her handbag after a mix-up saw her dropped off by a taxi in the middle of nowhere.

After forcing her way through a hedge, she flagged down a passing car at Stag Lane, Great Kingshill, and was able to contact her mother.

The reveller, who said she could not remember anything after 10pm on the night, was covered in scratches and had lost all her money.

After spending a large amount of time taking statements, visiting taxi companies and making sure no criminal offence had taken place, police recovered her handbag in the hedge she had forced her way through.

It happened on Sunday, December 4 after an event in Great Missenden.

Inspector Omar Abu-Rish said: “We are reminding people not to put themselves in these situations after a night out.”