‘Nurses saved the life of our 10-week-old son’

David and Jemma Gunning with baby Henry
David and Jemma Gunning with baby Henry

BABY Henry Gunning was left fighting for his life at just eight weeks old ... but thanks to the work of nurses at the John Radcliffe Hospital he is back recovering at his Worminghall home.

And as a special thank you, his parents David and Jemma Gunning are raising more than £10,000 to give something back to those who took such good care of him.

David said: “The nurses undoubtedly saved his life, the level of care was above and beyond their call of duty, they did everything that we could have asked for and more - they were truly outstanding.”

Within two days of their fundraising campaign, the couple had raised £7,000 and now they are looking to gain a further £3,000 for the Ronald MacDonald Hospital (RMH), which provided them with accommodation while Henry was in hospital.

“We just have overwhelming gratitude for everybody at the RMH,” David said, “their support was outstanding and at such a stressful time and so we want to give something to them as well.”

Henry initially went into the John Radcliffe on New Year’s Eve when he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and as it began to get worse in the proceeding hours, he was omitted to the children’s ward for observation. Worryingly, his condition continued to deteriorate in the next few days and at one point was on the verge of having his lungs shut down.

David said: “At one point it looked like he was going to have to go onto full ventilation miraculously, the next day, which happened to be my wife’s birthday, he started to show signs of recovery and by the weekend he had the tubes from his face and hands removed.”

Shortly after, Henry was allowed to go home and ever since his parents have been working on raising the amount of money it costs to buy a ventilator like the one that saved Henry’s life.

So far a donation of £7,000 has come from Maureen Hockley, who fittingly is going to be Henry’s godmother, and a further £2,500 worth of raffle prizes have been donated.

The raffle will take place at Henry’s baptism, which has been moved forward after what has happened.

Raffle tickets can be purchased by calling David on 07872 527238.