‘Nurseries are Towersey’s own Good Life farm’

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AS both of my regular readers know, I write this page as an independent voice, not as part of the Thame Gazette editorial staff.

I do it on a voluntary basis and have remained anonymous so I can attend events without getting any special attention.

So if, for example, I found a local agriculture show a little pricey (£50 a family ticket? Are you joking?) I could say so and it’s not the newspaper saying it. You see?

So I am delighted this week to report on something I found kind of inspiring, and something which demonstrated what this page is all about.

Last Saturday I went on a bike ride. Beautiful sunshine and the lure of the pub garden in Towersey proved irresistible.

After a couple of cold beers we set off for home and as we wobbled at the base of the steep rise back to the Phoenix Trail I suggested that we just pop into the nurseries for a minute.

I last went to Lashlake Nurseries in Towersey about ten years ago and was frankly unimpressed, so wasn’t expecting much this time around.

What a transformation. As soon as you turn into the gate there are neat wooden houses housing neat little animals.

There are two pigs (Nessa and Smithy), there are chicken runs and guinea pig houses. There is a wooden coffee shop serving blatantly home made cakes. There is a craft shop and for some reason a Welsh dresser for sale in the middle of everything. No, I don’t know why either.

Behind that there are row after row of lovingly cared for plants and shrubs. I am no gardener but the prices were much cheaper than you see in the chain garden stores.

I got chatting to one of the owners, Angela, and she told me how she had come home from Wales with her partner and taken over the business from her father.

It was their chance to start a business together and make a fresh start with their two sons. The whole point of this article is that she didn’t know that I write this page but I went away from Lashlake nurseries with a huge smile.

Maybe I should never have watched The Good Life, but this was like Towersey’s own version. They have created something very different from the usual garden centre over the first six months of their existence and I sincerely wish them well.

And that, dear reader, is what this page is for. Nice little stories of local folk whose life and business are blossoming. Go visit.