Now faulty Christmas lights catch fire in Aylesbury town centre

Bucks Fire
Bucks Fire

AYLESBURY’S costly Christmas lights suffered another setback yesterday when firefighters were called out to a faulty section in Kingsbury.

The town centre lights which have cost the taxpayer almost £27,000 have undergone maintenance from council contractors over the past week, claim Aylesbury Vale District Council.

However firefighters were called out at around 1am by a taxi driver who called 999 claiming to have seen a fire in the lights at Kingsbury, in Aylesbury town centre.

The strip, outside Ladbrokes and Pizza Express, was isolated by the fire service as a result.

Teresa Lane, communications manager at the council, said: “The festoon and fascia lighting in Kingsbury is being repaired after a fault was discovered. It appears that a faulty connection created some sparks.

“Despite the hiccups we’ve had this year with the electricity supply and some of the bulbs, once we’ve completed all the repairs we think the town will look very festive.

“This year we are unfortunately also experiencing the added problem of the high winds which we will continue to monitor to make sure the lights are secure.

“Inspection and repair services are included in the lights contract. The erection and dismantling of the lights is also included in the overall cost.

“Our contractor has been carrying out repairs to the Christmas lights in Aylesbury town centre.

“Most of the faults were dealt with very quickly last week and there are very few repairs that are still required. We are working to complete the remaining few as soon as possible.

“We want to make sure that we don’t experience the same problems again next year and will be exploring possibilities with the contractor for improving the decorations.”