NOTES FROM TIGGYWINKLES: The journey to find a mate

Cygnets rescued on the canal
Cygnets rescued on the canal
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I don’t now go out on swan rescues on the canal.

This time, however, I volunteered to go along mainly because it was in the comparative safety amongst the narrow boats in the canal basin.

The scenario was all too common.

A cygnet with fishing tackle, including a float, wrapped around one leg.

I was looking forward to going back to my old haunt of the canal basin.

Shock! Horror! It was not there any more, the Waterside development had been all consuming.

But where were the swans?

Where have all the narrow boats gone?

Nikki phoned the original caller.

“Just where were the family of swans you called about?”

“They are in the new canal basin,” I chipped in, “Nikki find out just where that is”

“Down by Broughton” was the reply.

I knew that area well but parking by Broughton Bridge brought forth no canal basin.

Stumped we headed back to Aylesbury past the old circus ground on Stocklake.

A revelation.

That was gone but in its place nestled between two building sites was a new canal basin full of narrow boats. Eureka!

“Have you seen a family of swans?” we asked a group of boat owners.

“They were here just 15 minutes ago.”

That worried us a little bit as we always catch our swans by tempting them out of the water with offerings of bread.

I just hoped they were still hungry enough to come to our bait.

I need not have worried.

The whole family did not hesitate in following the trail of bread leading them from the water.

We could plainly see the line and float around the cygnets leg. At the right moment Sharon pounced and we had the cygnet. Luckily we had managed to remove the line before it had done any lasting damage.

Cygnet went off with mum, dad and family.

The float and line?

Another exhibit for our “Black Museum”.