Notes from Tiggywinkles: Tales of the unexpected

Red kite
Red kite

There is never a dull moment at Tiggys. The predicaments in which some wild animals find themselves never cease to amaze us and test our experience to its limits.

Over the last few days they really have pulled out all the stops, landing us with the unbelievable.

The first to arrive was that master flyer, a red kite.

This one could not have been much of a master because he managed to collide with an aeroplane over an airfield in Marlow. It survived with a compound fracture of the wing, putting our orthopaedic skills to the test.

He was no sooner stable and tucked in when the next improbable arrived.

Somehow a tiny Daubenton’s bat had got itself impaled on a fishing hook.

Not only was it impaled but the hook had passed right through its head starting at its chin with the barb coming out of the top of its head.

With fishing hooks we have to cut the barb off then pull the shaft back through the jaw.

Painkillers and intensive care were the doctor’s orders.

What could possibly happen next? This time an unfortunate young sparrow had fallen out of its nest.

Not too bad until you realise that it is now hanging from a nylon thread four floors up. The thread must have been part of the nest material and now had young sparrow well and truly hung up by its leg.

Rescued it did lose a foot but sparrows can hop quite adequately on just one.

Then another surprise.

Actually it was two surprises.

Was this going to be our worst ever nightmare?

Strolling down a road in Speen were two wild boar.

Only they turned out to be domestic Cooney cooney pigs.

For once, somebody else’s problem.