Notes from Tiggywinkles: Night time nightmares

Les Stocker
Les Stocker

Is winter really upon us? Probably but we can never be sure of our British climate.

This is October when everything wildlife makes its own arrangements for the months ahead.

A few adult hedgehogs think of hibernating.

Many juveniles seeming to panic, not having enough fat to survive the cold to come.

There is a new guard in our gardens.

Redwings, fieldfares and exotic waxwings reap our berry harvest while our ever present robin is still the only bird with a song in its heart.

As soon as the clocks go back, we at Tiggywinkles go on high alert.

Deer, in the main, are creatures of the night, the dark.

Man and his motor car rarely encounter those piercing green eyes of a petrified deer directly in his path.

But clocks go back. Man meets dark.

Driving home from work a deer leaps out of the murk.

Thump! Both the deer and the car are injured.

A job for Tiggys’ rescue team.

In the meantime, it is not illegal, but totally unavoidable, to run into a deer.

If it is alive don’t leave it in agony but give us a call.

If it is safe to do so warn other motorists of the hazard.

We don’t want another damaged car.

Cover the animals head with a rug, blanket or old coat and if possible drag it, do not attempt to lift it, to the side of the road.

Be aware that deer are powerful, uncontrollable and can cause quite serious injuries.

Just call us.

If it is safe to do so, please stay with the deer, its essential in guiding us to the casualty.