Notes from Tiggywinkles: Dramatic deer rescue!

The red deer
The red deer

I don’t mind driving but towing a trailer is well outside my comfort zone.

But, in Dorset, two baby red deer needed rescuing so I, without a second thought, hitched up our deer trailer.

Their story was strange, shrouded in mystery and totally the stuff of nightmares.

Apparently two hinds, still with dependent calves, were shot for their venison.

Somehow the calves were covertly rescued from being slaughtered.

I got the clandestine, anonymous message that the two baby deer were safely, for the moment, holed up in an old building.

Of course I didn’t hesitate.

With trailer banging about behind me I sped; or should I say crawled, down to Dorset, on my rescue mission.

Two and a half hours later I finally got to the rendezvous, with the Scarlet Pimpernel of deer rescue, and got to meet the two baby red deer.

They were very young orphans that could not cope on their own.

With some difficulty the two of us managed to catch them up and bundle them into the trailer.

I dread to think what handling these deer would be after they had grown into our own ‘Monarchs of the Glen’.

Thankfully I know of a great deer park that will give them, grown up, a home.

Back to my torture with the trailer crawling back to Tiggys with my very special cargo.

Emma saw them into their own deer shed where they were given, after they had quietened down, baby’s bottles of artificial lamb’s milk, cod liver oil and egg – a recipe we have found suitable for the finickity stomachs of red deer.

They could not possibly know that as from now they would never be shot.