Notes from St Tiggywinkles: Trading places at Olympia exhibition

Les Stocker at Olympia
Les Stocker at Olympia

Sue and I had a day out at Olympia, not the seat of the gods of ancient Greece but the dour exhibition centre in West London.

Not a glamorous venue with not a glamorous function. The London Vet Show itself is not a show but a coming together of veterinary lectures and trade stands. Why was I there?

Well it was not for the conference programme because of the about two hundred lectures only one incorporated wildlife. Shame.

I was there because a contact of mine, Melvyn Driver of MDC Products was launching a portable oxygen chamber for small animals from cats to wildlife.

He asked if I would go on his stand to talk about using the chamber for wildlife as well as domestic pets. Actually the initiative of bringing in this portable oxygen chamber for incorporating a standard cat basket was very useful.

I spent quite a time talking to visitors some even from places like Estonia and Holland. Of course I could not talk about cats but my anecdotes of wildlife and oxygen therapy added, I hope, colour to the proceedings.

What was Sue doing? Sue had taken the opportunity to visit many of the trade stands that I could not manage to get to. In particular these events are always attended by many of our contacts especially the publisher of my manual Practical Wildlife Care.

I know the real truth – our nurses at Tiggywinkles had given us instructions to visit as many stands as possible to collect free pens and goodie bags. Sue did manage to get a few all the time resisting free wine.

We do benefit from new products that are launched at their shows – apart from that oxygen chamber I was championing other exciting newbies including a new type of tick remover for hedgehogs and microchip readers for tracing hedgehogs.

Shows and conferences are good, especially when I get a free ticket to go on a stand or give a paper on wildlife.