Notes from St Tiggywinkles: Mixing it up to raise money for good cause

Mix 96 visit St Tiggywinkles
Mix 96 visit St Tiggywinkles

“Ready or not, here I come!” were the buzz words as zany Katy Brown launched the “Bring a pound to work day”, the latest in Mix 96’s charity events on behalf of Tiggywinkles, their Charity of the Year.

I had not realised Katy was a video star as I was used to meeting her as part of the Mix 96 Breakfast Duo, Darren and Katy.

But Katy’s video clip launching the “Bring a pound to work day” was, how shall I put it, different as she shared acting credits with a cute owl puppet at the end of an anonymous arm.

This was exciting, my boring old bit of the launch was at the crack of dawn on the Mix 96 Breakfast Show along with Darren and Katy, telling how a team of Mix 96 and Tiggywinkles were going to raid businesses around the town shaking their tins for those vital pound coins.

Nikki and Lucy, from our office, were part of one of the raiding parties following Wez’s lead and energy in raising an amazing £1,243.

Aylesbury has always supported Tiggywinkles and I can only say “Thank you Mix 96 and the people of the town for putting your hands in your pockets”.

At Tiggys we are taking this winter’s opportunity to recover from our hectic summer.

Now, together with Chiltern Brewery’s launch of “Bucks Best Beer” which added £500 to our coffers, we are going to invest in some of the latest technologies becoming available for animal treatment centres.

Judging by all the selfies on the Mix 96 website the “Bring a pound to work day” did put the fun into fundraising (Pause for groans).

My thanks to everyone who took part and especially to Aylesbury’s radio station.