Notes from St Tiggywinkles: Miracle mum’s sausage-sized baby after delayed implantation

Baby badger!
Baby badger!

February is a big month in the badger calendar.

This is when all baby badgers are born.

How? Badgers, just as others of the Mustelid clan, practice a natural process called ‘delayed implantation’ wherein although they might mate in the spring of one year, any resultant embryos do not start developing until the following year culminating in synchronised births.

We are aware of this, taking care that any female badgers in the Hospital at that time are given the facilities with peace and quiet just in case.

Now I bring up that tormented badger I wrote about in the 7th January edition of the Bucks Herald.

A female she had been horribly wounded by an illegal snare.

It had been touch and go that she could even survive such massive injuries let alone carry a dormant embryo ready to be develop and be born during the next month.

But this lady badger was a fighter and after over six weeks of treatment with antibiotics, pain killers and manuka honey she was fit enough to be moved to an outside pen for further recovery.

There it happened. One day her carer, Emma, doing her rounds thought she heard the tiny calls of a baby badger coming from the badger’s pen.

She took a peek and there it was, against all the odds, a tiny sausage sized baby badger bonny as it should be. Free of fear, pain and persecution this miracle mum can relax and bring up her miracle baby.

Mum and baby will stay with us until later in the year when they will be released.

As the youngster might be rejected by Mum’s original badger sett we will provide new accommodation at a site with no snares.