Notes from St Tiggywinkles: March comes in with the patter of tiny feet

March comes in with the pitter patter of tiny feet at Tiggys
March comes in with the pitter patter of tiny feet at Tiggys

March is supposed to ‘come in like a lion and go out like a lamb’. Instead Tiggy’s March came in with the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

First off was Tim, our infrastructure guru, and his lovely wife Jenny, with their first baby, a little girl, born on 1st March.

Not to be outdone the tiny ‘whickering’ sounds coming from ‘Leggetts’ badger pen told us that she had taken up that badger magic, just a little bit late, and given birth, early in March.

What is more amazing is that on the previous Friday Leggett had been to the dentist. Or should I say our specialist animal dentist Peter Kertesz caught up with her on one of his regular visits.

Now with healthy teeth she was about to be released but would now have to stay with us, warm and cosy until her babies, all four of them, had grown up.

On another subject, we haven’t yet had any murders at Tiggywinkles even though we are slap bang in the middle of Midsomer Murders territory.

We have even got our own slot in “Midsomer Murders On Location” written by Sabine Schreiner and Joan Street.

Until now Tiggys had been one of the unsolved mysteries for fans of Barnaby. Nobody seemed to know just where we were and even “turn right just past the Garden Centre” left visitors and casualties alike wandering and wandering.

But now Bucks County Council have recognised the importance to the village of those visitors who bring much added custom to the local pubs and businesses.

After all these years they have put up the brown signs that puts Tiggywinkles, literally, on the map.