Notes from St Tiggywinkles: Looks like 2014 will be a busy year for Tiggys

One of the foxes making up the full set at Tiggys already
One of the foxes making up the full set at Tiggys already

I know it’s a bit late for the New Year but for some reason our 2014 has started with a bang.

By the second of January we had taken in, a full set.

A full set of those larger animals that usually need our rescue teams to go out.

First, on the first, was a fox. With a badly infected leg and face his new year could not get any worse.

We can make him comfortable and help him overcome his injuries. Another fox on the first, and another on the second.

It all started on the second. At ten o’clock it was No 2 of the full set: a deer casualty. The small deer had been hit by a car. Its front leg was broken so it needed first aid and painkillers. Now, after surgery, its fractured leg is held in traction with stainless steel pins.

Almost immediately No 3 of the full set, the badger. This poor old soul was found down and out cowering in a barn.

Old and beaten up by other badgers, he is going to have a struggle to stay alive, in spite of all the intravenous therapy we can provide.

The set would not be complete without a swan.

The first call, on the first, was to one that had crash-landed on the M1, at Newport Pagnell.

It was the police who called as the bird was holding up the whole motorway. A bit far out for us we, luckily, found somebody near to go and rescue.

Shouldn’t have spoken too soon. On the second we did have to get our hands on another swan. This one had crash-landed.

I do think that swans ought to perfect their landing skills.

A full set, plus a few other species, including red kites. Looks like 2014 it is going to be a busy year.