Notes from St Tiggywinkles: Fate smiled on us and Tiny Tim re-emerges

Tiny Tim the fox has re-emerged at St Tiggywinkles
Tiny Tim the fox has re-emerged at St Tiggywinkles

Perhaps fate smiled on Tiggywinkles during the recent storms.

We did have some damage and once again I believe fate was kind to us. It is sad to lose two large trees felled by the winds but matters could have been so much worse.

The first tree down was in the garden of the nurse’s flat. Crashing to the ground, luckily amongst other trees, it totally missed the buildings and fences.

The other tree, a giant of a fir tree was in the corner of the enclosure we know as ‘Elstob’s Pen’ in memory of a badger resident. Now Elstob’s Pen is home to two foxes who cannot be released.

The tree has started to fall but the remaining roots prevented it from crashing to the ground. Just as well. In it’s path was our aviary block for recuperating garden birds.

It balanced there, threatening to crush everything in its path. It was far too big and dangerous for us to do anything with it.

But we knew a couple who could, Ben and Cheryl, our gardening team.

At first we had to remove the garden birds and the two foxes who are really tame and easy catch up.

There are many holes dug in the enclosure so just to make sure there was nobody else at home we set up some night vision camera traps.

Bingo! On the first night a fox appeared out of one of the holes. And more surprisingly he was Tiny Tim, who we had not seen for some time. We had all feared the worst.

But, here was Tiny Tim, a magnificent healthy fox, fully agile on the short little legs that had given him his name.

He was very shy and took some catching but we soon had the enclosure empty so the tree felling could begin.

A very happy ending with Tiny Tim wagging his tail like a happy dog when he was re-united with his two lady foxes in their temporary home.