Notes from St Tiggywinkles: Birds are nuts about nuts all year round

Birds at a feeder
Birds at a feeder

Now those very cold days find me glued to the window seeing how many new garden visitors have taken up my offerings on my new fancy bird feeding contraption.

As I have often said I am not a great believer in peanuts much preferring the much safer, more nutritious pecan nuts. 
Sorry they are much more expensive but can be found at reasonable prices online. 
My fancy bird feeder has hooks of three ‘peanut’ hanging baskets however filled with pecan nut pieces the birds did not appear to recognise them as food. 
For days I had despaired at the dearth of takers in the end deigning, in desperation, to fill one hanger with peanuts.

Amazingly the first to cotton on was my ever faithful robin.

At first he clung precariously to the peanuts, spotted the pecan nuts changing over to the more tasty food. 
Then starlings followed, for some reason, opting for my pecan nuts. 
I was thrilled that the cordon bleu had been taken up. 
But where were the blue tits? One did turn up but plumped for the peanuts as did one ‘long tail’ who I failed to identify. 
On the tray below I scattered wild bird seed for the sparrows, chaffinches and the pair of resident, billing and cooing wood pigeons. 
The ‘piece de resistance’ of dried mealworms lured the blackbird to the table squabbling with my robin for these specials. 
All the time I am melting the ice in the birdbath always still amazed how many starlings choose to bathe in spite of freezing weather. 
Every other visitor takes a sip before returning to the feast on offer. 
I do really want to take down those peanuts.