Notes from St Tiggywinkles: A fox’s tale

Tiggys rescuers with the fox
Tiggys rescuers with the fox

There is always a buzz goes around Tiggys when a rescue call comes in.

I have always insisted that any call is given immediate priority expecting the rescue team to be on the road within minutes.

This animal casualty is hanging on to life and could be dying or trying to flee from the scene of an incident.

This particular call came from a concerned householder in Wendover.

A handsome fox had been lying in long grass refusing to move as anybody approached it. Always a worry when a wild animal allows people to get close.

As expected our rescue team, including me, was on the road within minutes.

Arriving at Wendover the fox, although lying down, seemed alert, head up, watching our every movement.

There was obviously something not quite right about this fox but we did not want him to run away before we could check him out.

Our strategy was for Sharon and me to distract Mr. Fox by slowly approaching from the front.

While his attention was focused on us, Clare could creep up from behind a tree and drop the catching net over the unsuspecting animal.

Normally it would be impossible to hoodwink a fit fox with this basic subterfuge. There was obviously something wrong.

We did catch him. Mysteriously there was apparently nothing wrong.

And back at the Hospital after a basic first aid we had to assume that it was a concussion or something he ate that knocked this fox down.

Thankfully a few days of TLC saw him back on his feet ready for release back to Wendover after our dentist had checked his teeth for defects.