Notes from St Tigggywinkles: I can’t help but worry about animals in rain

Notes from St Tiggywinkles
Notes from St Tiggywinkles

The weather has been atrocious.

I should get a degree in stating the bloomin’ obvious.

I can’t help but worry about all those small mammals, like moles, hedgehogs, mice and shrews that live at ground level. Thankfully the birds seem to be coming through unscathed although I don’t know what will happen when they can eventually get to all those dead worms under floodwaters.

Generally as it hasn’t frozen yet the garden birds have been able to find food still prevalent in the mild weather.

Still I like to top up my bird table every morning with seed and pecan nuts.

It’s amazing, almost thrilling when the great and blue tits scold me if I am a little bit late putting the food out.

The excitement this year has been the apparent revival of the house sparrow.

Over the last few years there has been serious concern over ‘me ol’ cock sparrer’ surely the most iconic of Britain’s birds especially in towns and cities where it stood shoulder to shoulder with the British throughout the war.

Last year there did not seem to be any around but now I have several regulars to my bird table this time rubbing shoulders with a magnificent cock pheasant that has set up home in the sanctuary of our garden.

And more good news for Tiggys and a chance to win a prize from The Chiltern Brewery.

As part of the Mix 96 Charity of the Year programme a new beer is to be launched in April with 5p from every pint going to the chosen charity Tiggywinkles (aren’t we lucky).

The icing on the cake or froth of the beer is the competition to name the new beer. The closing date is lunchtime on the 21st February.

Go on have a go!