Not so much of a dragon, Theo Paphitis supports Friars Square

DRAGONS’ Den star Theo Paphitis has praised an Aylesbury businesswoman for her work supporting small traders in the town.

The businessman was impressed with Andrea Lane’s idea of taking pictures of 60 small business owners and putting their image and a promotion for their company on Facebook.

The owner of Peachy Pics in Friars Square came up with the idea to help celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (and her 60th birthday!)

She contacted Mr Paphitis because each Sunday from 5pm-7.30pm he sets time aside to help promote worthy business ideas.

Ms Lane said: “It is really exciting and a great boost and will help over 60 small businesses and our Facebook page.

“He looks at the tweets he gets, then looks at their websites and chooses six each week to retweet to his quarter of a million followers.

“The winners also get to go onto his special website that helps you promote your business.”

Mr Paphitis said: “I admire people who have passion and energy. If you cannot bore your friends to death about your own small business then something is seriously wrong. I have been lucky in business and I am keen now to spread goodwill to others.”

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