No wonder it never got cleaned! Blame game starts over flooded brook

Flooding in Miles End, Aylesbury
Flooding in Miles End, Aylesbury

A blame game into who and what was responsible for devastating floods in Aylesbury begun today.

More than 80 homes in the Willows estate near Walton Court were affected by flooding on Thursday and Friday.

Around ten properties were particularly badly hit with water coming up through the floorboards and into the living rooms and kitchens.

Over 48mm of rain fell last week, more than what is usually expected for the entire month.

But residents and politicians are now asking whether more could have been done by officials to prevent the devastation on the estate, which has never flooded before.

Central to that inquest is the Stoke Brook which burst its banks.

Councillor Steven Lambert said the flooding could have been avoided if the brook had been dredged to remove blockages, stopping water from spilling over onto the streets.

However, there is confusion over who is responsible for maintaining the brook.

The Environment Agency claims Aylesbury Vale District Council is responsible for clearing it – but the district council claims the opposite.

But an AVDC spokesman said: “This is not our understanding.

“Now is not the time to distract from efforts to minimise the risk of any further flooding to homes in the Willows Estate area. We will shortly be in touch with the Environment Agency to discuss this matter and the way forward.”

The district council’s stance is backed by Bucks County Council.

Mr Lambert said: “This is years of under-investment and confused responsibility.

“We all need to know who is responsible for what and try and pass it to the lowest local authority possible.”