‘No boss here’: Diamond couple still loving life together

John and Eileen Burge with their grandson Jack Wilkinson
John and Eileen Burge with their grandson Jack Wilkinson
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The secret behind 60 years of marriage is to make sure no one is the boss, according to one couple.

Eileen and John Burge, 83 and 81 respectively, of Chinnor, celebrated their diamond anniversary with 150 friends and family at The Lambert Arms on Saturday.

The couple met when they were both working at a woodwork firm in Harlesden in 1951 and a friend queried John as to when he was going to take Eileen out in front of them both.

Mrs Burge said: “He’s my toy boy. I think that’s what’s made our marriage situation easier. We don’t have a boss in this family, everything has always been done together.

“When we got married we got married to be together.”

Mrs Burge said it was tricky for John when they were dating as she had seven brothers for him to impress.

She added: “I felt sorry for him. It all settled down, I did think I have got something a bit decent here, so he was accepted and became like a brother to them.”

The couple have asked people to not buy gifts but instead make a donation to Cancer Research UK.

It mirrors what they did 10 years ago when they donated more than £1,000 from their golden anniversary to Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

The hospital had provided support and care for their daughter Tracey Wilkinson, who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2001.