Nightclubs to enforce underage crackdown after 17 year old attacked in Aylesbury venue

Aylesbury town centre at night
Aylesbury town centre at night
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Nightclubs and bars have vowed to clamp down on underage revelling in Aylesbury by enforcing tougher door policies in the run-up to Christmas.

The pledge comes after a brutal glass attack in a club which left a 17-year-old in hospital with face and neck injuries.

The venue where the assault took place, Mirage, is leading the way, saying door staff have been told to be extra vigilant, and it has plans to introduce a more high-tech ID scanner than it has at present.

Town centre LJ’z owner Ebi Rostami said staff will be ‘extra attentive’ over Christmas, and Stars in Market Square is planning to bring in an ID scanner.

But Mirage’s owner, Jack Michael, says there is only so much clubs can do to stop under 18s getting in and parents must take some responsibility by educating their children.

Mr Michael said: “We have already instructed door staff to be extra vigilant with the entry of customers into the premises.

“But the doormen are only human. If someone wants to deceive you it can happen.

“At the end of the day if the parents allow their kids to venture into the town centre then who is responsible?”

Mirage already has a strict door policy, with bouncers, carrying out searches on all customers. LJ’z has the most modern scanner in town, while Stars, Niche and the White Hart all employ doormen.

Fake IDs are easily bought online, with many for sale at as little as £10. But venues say the big issue is under 18s borrowing IDs from older siblings or friends who look like them.

Mr Michael believes more underage youngsters have been trying their luck since the 
recession kicked in.

He said: “The whole culture has changed. More younger people venture into the town centre. It is destroying the night-time economy.”

A 34 –year-old man was arrested in connection with the October 14, Mirage assault and released on bail until December 3.