NHS and police clash over equipment call

AN NHS Trust has hit out at police calls for it to pay for a new neighbourhood van and specialist crimefighting equipment if it gets permission to build more than 80 homes on its land.

Thames Valley Police says the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust should cough up for the kit if it gets the green light to build on the Manor House Hospital site in Aylesbury.

It says the applicants should pay for the van, as well as radios, BlackBerrys and body-worn cameras to help cope with the increased strain the homes would cause.

The trust plans to demolish the Sue Nicholls Centre and existing houses in Manor House Close to build up to 83 homes.

It says cash raised will be ploughed into improved facilities for patients in Aylesbury.

But it claims police calls for equipment funding are ‘not necessary’.

A letter from Phillip Wright, on behalf of the applicants, to Aylesbury Vale District Council, states: “This development does not form a major urban extension which would require police patrol routes and monitoring areas to be extended beyond current boundaries.

“In this respect, there is limited justification for planning contributions outlined ... on behalf of Thames Valley Police.”

But the trust has agreed to reduce blocks to the north of the site from three storeys to 2.5 following concerns about overlooking from neighbours.

The bid will be decided by AVDC.