New wishlist for sports facilities

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A wishlist of leisure and cultural facilities has been drawn up to cover the expected arrival of 13,500 houses in Aylesbury Vale.

The district council requested an independent audit of its facilities last year and will present its findings to the scrutiny committee in September.

Six more badminton halls, three new community centres, 10 grass pitches and eight new tennis courts are on the list.

But there are notable omissions. Despite the closure of Bierton Golf Club and the likely loss of Aylesbury Park Golf Club due to HS2 there are no indications of replacing either.

The report recognises the need for a bowling alley after the loss of Jardines in 2011 but says a private company should provide such a facility

District council director Matt Partridge said: “We have spoken previously with private leisure operators about commercial leisure opportunities within the Vale. We remain open to discuss commercial leisure opportunities as and when they arise.

“The document highlights the suggested current position regarding leisure provision based on a point in time analysis.”

It also states there is ‘no obvious local tenant’ for a stadium ‘that could generate crowds of 10,000 plus’ but Mr Patridge added: “We remain keen to work with clubs/organisations to see if it’s financially viable for a stadia facility within the Vale.”