New view for popular rifle range

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A popular rifle range has reopened following weeks of conservation work.

Teams have spent the past six weeks clearing scrub and undergrowth from the open space at Pulpit Hill, near Princes Risborough.

The site is nationally important for wildflowers, insects and birds, and is crossed by several public footpaths.

Bucks County Council cabinet member for the environment Steven Adams said the clearance work was important for the site’s nature conservation value.

He said: “The scrub was swamping the finer more species-rich areas of grassland and would have totally enveloped it if we hadn’t taken action.”

The work took place while wildlife was dormant or absent and was a good opportunity to bring in specialist contractors to scan the site for any buried munitions.

The team removed 300kg of waste metal, from old horseshoes and tractor parts to spent munitions and small pieces of armoured vehicle used for target practice during the Second World War.