New gritting equipment for Thame

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The town council has invested in extra gritting equipment allowing it to tackle both pavements and roads in Thame.

The county council’s highways department is responsible for clearing the main trunk roads but not the minor roads and footpaths.

Thame Town Council has no direct responsibility for any such works but says it wants to lead the community by example in just getting out there and doing what is required.

Town mayor Nigel Champken-Woods said: “There is a misconception by the public that you shouldn’t clear snow or ice because you will get sued if anyone gets hurt.

“This is not the case. Sensibly clearing snow and ice just helps everyone. If we all work together we can keep Thame on the move”.

The town council has already purchased a hand spreader to spread grit in particular ‘black spots’ and areas of high footfall.

Purchasing more equipment will enable the Council to grit minor roads and footpaths as well.