Nepal namesake is hit by earthquake

The Thame Valley in Nepal
The Thame Valley in Nepal

Pledges have been made to support Thame, a Nepalese village which has been badly affected by this week’s earthquake.

On Tuesday night Thame Town Council agreed to write a letter of support to villagers in the area, after an address from resident Charlie Tyson-Taylor.

Mr Tyson-Taylor runs a town-based company which runs trips to Nepal.

And after being shocked by devastation in the village, which boasted a school set up by British Everest pioneer Sir Edmund Hillary, he hopes our town will forge stronger links with its namesake.

Mr Tyson-Taylor, 34, said: “Everyone was aware of Thame, but there had never been an impetus to make the link before. What has happened is so, so sad, organisations like DEC and the UN are doing an amazing job. I know about 40 people out there who are all safe, but they are very, very scared.”

He added: “There was an enthusiastic and unanimous response from the councillors to a proposal to begin to set up formal links to Thame with a view to helping long term.

Graham Hunt, of the town council, said: “The council is very concerned with what is happening in our namesake village in Nepal and expressed concern at the meeting.

“Our prayers and thoughts are with those people at this time of devastation and we have agreed to write a letter to the village. Residents of Thame, including and Oxfam are doing things to help and we are grateful.” Text DONATE to 7000 to give £5