Mystery of stolen garden ornaments returned as SuperPig and hedgehog Joker

Avril Webb with the repainted ornaments
Avril Webb with the repainted ornaments

A mystery artist stole a much-loved collection of garden ornaments, repainted them with new identities and returned them.

Avril Webb, 59, has a treasured collection of farmyard animal ornaments including chickens, pigs, sheep and hedgehogs at her Woodford Close home in Fairford Leys, Aylesbury.

Mrs Webb, who found some of the paint on the returned animals was still wet, said: “The pig is now super-pig!

“One of the chickens is a zebra, a hedgehog has been made to look like the Joker and another chicken is the one from the Kellogg’s advert!”

They were stolen last week and returned – repainted – on the same day following Mrs Webb’s appeal on Facebook.

Mrs Webb said: “I just thought ‘what?’ and they’re actually pretty well done.

“It really is such a mystery. Someone has just thought they wanted to make them a look a bit more jolly.

“Someone with an artistic bone in their body and certainly someone with a sense of humour.”

Mrs Webb, who lives with her twin daughters Megan and Frankie, 24, and son Elliot, 21, is a child-minder for younger children.

She said: “Many people walk by and comment on the animals and the children think they are magic.

“They left two of the chickens and one of the hedgehogs and the ram is still missing.”

Mrs Webb said she has her fingers crossed that the ram is returned soon, as her mother who died last year, bought it for her.

She said: “Hopefully they’ve had their fun and will return it soon.”

Mrs Webb started the collection two years ago when one of the children she looks after gave her two sheep for Christmas.

Some of them weigh up to 55lb so Mrs Webb believes the thief must be quite strong.

The menagerie, minus the ram, is now back in pride of place in the front garden.