Mystery donor’s £10,000 gift gets Stone village project over the finishing line

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A mystery donor has given £10,000 to help a community project raise enough funds for work on a pavilion to be completed.

The ‘out of the blue’ donation from the anonymous source will help with the £200,000 project to replace the Stone recreational ground pavilion.

Once complete, the pavilion will be used by not only sports teams, but also anyone wishing to take advantage of it, be it a play group or a wedding celebration. The donor is believed to have given a similar sum to help with repairs to the village hall’s roof.

The mysterious good samaritan called parish council chairman George Lamb to say they wanted to help out, but left Mr Lamb bowled over when they told him how much they were willing to donate.

Mr Lamb said: “He implied something pleasant had happened to his family and they had got some money.

“I thought he was going to say he wanted to give a couple of hundred pounds, but then he said he wanted to donate £10,000. It was an enormous shock.

“It is probably the amount of money that we needed to cover the end of the project, so it’s exceptionally welcome.”

The new pavilion will be constructed once delivery of parts is made this month.