Mystery artist’s third prank backfires

Annette Davies' dragon
Annette Davies' dragon

A mystery artist who repaints and returns garden ornaments is believed to have struck for a third time but this time it’s no laughing matter.

Fairford Leys residents have been targeted in recent weeks, leaving two women laughing about their animals’ new paintwork.

But Annette Davies, 39, of Fowler Road, said the latest prank ‘shook’ her up.

She woke up on Monday to her Jack Russell dog barking at the front door where the dragon had been left.

Ms Davies has called for the prankster to clean the purple paint off the dragon and remove the initials ‘SH’ which have been enscribed on its chest.

She said: “I’m quite annoyed that somebody has painted something I really like.

“I need to get rid of it now. Unless the culprit would clean it? That would be very nice.

“They might think it is a bit of harmless fun but they don’t know what effect it can have. It shook me up.

“A prank on someone you know is different.”