Mum wins battle over Stoke Mandeville Hospital parking fine

Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Stoke Mandeville Hospital

A furious mum has won her battle against a parking ticket issued at Stoke Mandeville Hospital while her daughter was being wired up to an intravenous drip.

Callie Tomlins’ 15-year-old daughter Josie currently suffers from a reduced immune system after a bout of glandular fever, resulting in frequent trips to the hospital.

On August 30 concerned doctors ordered her into Stoke Mandeville Hospital after analysing a blood sample.

Mrs Tomlins said: “From the conversation I had on the phone I believed it would be acouple of hours and then we’d be able to go again, so I parked in a pay and display bay and bought a ticket for three hours.”

However, Josie then took a turn for the worst. She was violently sick and her temperature spiked. She ended up on a drip.

Many hours later, when Mrs Tomlins was finally able to leave Josie’s bedside, she wasn’t surprised to find a £60 parking fine on her car. However, she was left furious when an ‘internal panel’ at Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust refused to rescind it on appeal. And UKPC warned her she faced court action if she didn’t pay the fine promptly.

She said: “I understand the need for parking enforcement but I absolutely abhor their lack of understanding.

“What could I have done? If this was your child would you leave her side to sort out your car parking? People would have thought I was a terrible mother if, while it was all going on, I’d have left to put some more money in the meter. You don’t leave them to get a drink, let alone check on your car.”

The furious 43 year old, who said nurses at the hospital are ‘utterly amazing’ raised the issue with The Bucks 
Herald, David Lidington MP and patients group PALS – and on Monday received the news the ticket has been cancelled.

Mrs Tomlins, from Wendover, said: “It’s great news but has not changed the fact they were wrong. It is amazing what happens when you make a big stinking fuss about 
something. It goes to show that if you think something is outrageous you should stand up and fight it.”

A health trust spokesman said: “Having reviewed Mrs Tomlins’ particular case at the final stage of the standard appeals process last week, we decided to rescind the parking fine.”