Mum who starred on Jeremy Kyle hurled vile rants at sex-swap neighbour

Aylesbury's Margaret Miller on the Jeremy Kyle Show
Aylesbury's Margaret Miller on the Jeremy Kyle Show

A foul mouthed woman who was called a ‘brilliant mum’ by Jeremy Kyle has appeared in court after hurling vile abuse at her sex swap neighbour.

Margaret Miller, 26, who appeared on the show earlier this year, frequently swore at Mari Hamilton and called her a ‘he-she’, a ‘freak’ and said she was jealous of not being able to have children.

Ms Hamilton said that she ‘felt locked in her own home and didn’t want to go out in case she was subjected to abuse’.

In a police statement she also accused Miller, of Mount Street, Aylesbury, of saying in front of her young son: “That’s the he-she who is scared of mummy.”

Nicola Blackburn, defending Miller, said her client was ashamed of her actions but claimed it was partly due to Ms Hamilton spreading rumours about the paternity of her son that provoked the outbursts.

The rumours led to her eventual appearance on the TV show for a DNA test.

On the show Miller had to be restrained by security guards but was proven right by the test.

Her solicitor Ms Blackburn said: “My client is disgusted, ashamed and very remorseful of the language she had used.

“The comments were in no way motivated as a result of the victim’s gender.

“Ms Hamilton made numerous false claims that her now ex-partner was not the father of her now 21-month old son.

“She was spreading these rumours to neighbours and made a post on Facebook causing a lot of distress.

“Her relationship with her partner became strained and his relationship with his son has become quite distant.

“It caused a lot of stress and other neighbours in the area turned against her.

“There has been some provocation leading up to these events.”

Aylesbury Magistrates Court heard that the pair had been friendly neighbours before things turned sour and it could not be pinpointed when things went wrong.

Miller believed Ms Hamilton had called her a rude name and there had been issues over the volume of the latter’s music, too.

Ms Hamilton said Miller had threatened her on a few occasions and once after reporting her to police.

The statement said that Miller had shouted at Ms Hamilton from outside her house: “They are taking me to court Mari. I won’t need to go if you aren’t around.”

Ms Hamilton said this made her feel helpless .

Both women live in Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust properties and Miller is seeking to now move out and has avoided contact with Ms Hamilton.

The defendant currently owes the housing trust £900 in rent and is saving to repay this before being rehomed.

It was heard that Miller admitted guilt to police early on about the abuse towards Ms Hamilton.

Miller was given a six-month supervision order and told to pay £85 in court costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

A restraining order was also put in place but the court ruled it would not ‘forbid’ contact due to it being practically impossible as the women are neighbours.

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