Mum’s breast implant woes to air on TV tonight

Tracy Kiss's botched breast implant is the focus of a TV programme
Tracy Kiss's botched breast implant is the focus of a TV programme

A young mum and former glamour model is to appear on TV tonight showcasing her treatment to have ‘dodgy’ breast implants replaced.

Tracy Kiss, from Wendover, signed up for the show, Extreme Beauty Disasters, after she started to suspect her implants were PIP, defective breast implants which caused a global health scare.

In the show, which airs on Discovery TLC, Miss Kiss undergoes a series of operations to have the faulty implants removed and new ones put in before returning for a final reveal to show how it has helped her.

The 26-year-old mother-of-two said she wanted to do the show to warn other people of the dangers of plastic surgery.

Miss Kiss, who got the original implants when she was 18, said: “It’s to show people that I went through a lot of suffering based on a promise when I was a teenager. In the end it caused me nothing but pain.

“Instead of saying be happy with who you are, people are always saying you have to look like Barbie. But in 10 years’ time you’re going to look like a monster.”

Miss Kiss paid £4,000 for the original implants, believing they were proper silicone.

After having her second child, the implants became disfigured and painful, forcing her to seek help.

She originally applied to be on Embarrassing Bodies but was referred to the Discovery show.

Miss Kiss underwent three surgeries during the filming and said: “I’ve got the PIPs on my toilet wall now in a frame.”

Miss Kiss said she was used to cameras from her modelling days, but was still hesitant about going topless.

She said: “I thought I am going to suffer no matter what so I may as well help others. I’m looking forward to seeing it but am a little bit nervous.”

Last month PIP founder Jean-Claude Mas was jailed for four years for fraud and fined €75,000.

Extreme Beauty Disasters is on at 8pm on Thursday January 9 on Discovery TLC.