Mum’s book about boy’s fight against evil is a little gem

Helen Faul, has self published her first children's novel - Alfie Diamond Boy In The Rough
Helen Faul, has self published her first children's novel - Alfie Diamond Boy In The Rough

A mother-of-six has finally realised her lifelong dream of writing a children’s book after entertaining her brood with self-penned tales.

Helen Faul, 49, of Brill Road, Oakley, first had the idea of Diamond Boy In The Rough around 15 years ago, but recently knuckled down and got it self-published after spending 13 months perfecting the plot of the fantasy novel.

Mrs Faul – mum to Jodie, 27, Charlie, 25, Georgie, 23, Mollie, 21, Maisie, 18 and Alfie, 16 – said: “It started off as a nicey-nicey children’s book, but when we moved two years ago, I decided to make the story meatier and added more of a dark side.”

The book is first of a planned trilogy and follows the story of 11-year-old Alfie Diamond, a ‘square peg in a round hole’ who is awakened to his ‘destiny’, which is to join the Faery Folk and battle it out, protecting his loved ones from the malicious Goran race.

Author Mrs Faul, who is married to childhood sweetheart and businessman Mark, said: “My mum used to read constantly to me and my sister when we were growing up.

“She used to take us to the library on Saturdays, where we used to sit in these big squashy leather chairs.

“I was such a bookworm – I always used to have a book under my arm.

“I grew up on Stephen King and James Herbert, and I wanted to share my story with other readers.

“Some characters are based on my children, and they’re always trying to guess who’s who! Even though I have the book in my hand, I still can’t believe I’ve written it.”

Mrs Faul self-published the book using online company Spiffing Covers, who helped her out with fine tuning the plot and designed the eye catching front cover.

Diamond Boy In The Rough is available to buy on Amazon.