MP welcomes homes ruling

John Howell
John Howell

Thame MP John Howell has welcomed the ruling that the South Oxfordshire Core Strategy provides a solid foundation for planning in the district over the next 15 years.

The independent planning inspector has also approved the housing allocations and allowed those undertaking neighbourhood plans, such as Thame, to complete them.

Mr Howell said: “This gives the boost to those wishing to complete their neighbourhood plans that many have been looking for.

“It represents another council which has brought forward a successful core strategy to ensure that the sustainable development of the area can be planned rather than left to chance.”

One of the biggest decisions was to leave Thame to allocate the 775 homes in its neighbourhood plan which is being produced.

A ‘yes’ vote in a referendum on the plan will keep the decision of where the houses go in the hands of residents, but a ‘no’ vote will put it back to the district council.

The allocation for Henley is set at 400 homes. The allocation of these homes to specific sites may be left to a neighbourhood plan if Henley Town Council choose to proceed with it.

Mr Howell said: “It is a good result which reflects the hard work which has been put in to the plan. I am sure Thame will now want to deliver a positive vote in the referendum on its neighbourhood plan.”