MP pays a visit to flying lifesaver BOB

John Howell
John Howell

MP John Howell paid a visit to Bucks lifesaver BOB last weekend and was impressed with what he learned.

The Conservative MP for Thame and Henley was at RAF Benson where he was taking a look at the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance named BOB after the three counties it serves namely Bucks, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire.

During the course of the visit Mr Howell heard how more than 14,700 missions had been flown to date and over 800 of them in the past year.

He said: “The total cost boiled down to £5,000 per day. The majority of missions were to deal with medical emergencies or road traffic accidents.

“During the course of the presentation I heard how the service received no funding from the NHS but depended on donations.

“We examined the pressures on the missions and on the inclusion of doctors in the team.

“The carrying of blood and ultrasound scanners was a recent innovation which saved lives. The Air Ambulance works as a team between paramedics, pilots and doctors with the aim of bringing the hospital to the scene of the incident.

“We heard how the service faces challenges in providing enhanced medical care and undertaking night operations which may put pressure on for an additional aircraft.

“Afterwards, we visited the aircraft itself and saw how the equipment and medical supplies were transported.”

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