MP hails 60% drop in unemployment

John Howell
John Howell

MP John Howell has heralded a 60% drop in the number of people in his constituency who are unemployed and claiming benefits.

The latest government figures show that Henley constituency, of which Thame is part has the third lowest unemployment rate in the country.

And this rate of unemployment has not been seen in the constituency since before the recession.

The number of unemployed claimants in the Henley constituency in May 2014 reduced to 371.

This represents a rate of 0.8% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64.

The number of claimants is 209 lower than in May 2013 and 21 lower than in April 2014. This data is not seasonally adjusted.

Mr Howell said: “You have to go back over 6 years to find any figures like these.

“This is a drop of almost 60% in the number of people unemployed and claiming benefits from its peak before the election.

“We continue to make excellent progress every month and signs show that the economy will continue to grow. “

But Mr Howell said the Government should not rest on its laurels. He added: “There is a lot still to be done but this is very good news and shows how well our long-term economic plan is working.

“It provides greater security to people in the constituency.”

Nationally the number of people in work rose by a record 345,000, to 30.5 million.