MP and council confident immigration from Bulgaria and Romania won’t lead to problems

There are concerns there will be an influx of people from Bulgaria and Romania
There are concerns there will be an influx of people from Bulgaria and Romania

Aylesbury MP David Lidington is confident new laws relaxing border controls will not lead to an influx of Bulgarians and Romanians into the country.

Minister for Europe Mr Lidington said he has confidence the country could cope if large numbers of Eastern Europeans migrated to the UK when freedom of movement laws are relaxed from today.

The idea was formed by the previous Labour government and Mr Lidington said the proposal ‘is one that I agree with’.

The Tory said: “I also agree with the whole principle of freedom of movement and that is what these moves promote.

“From speaking to my colleagues in other countries where these restrictions have already been lifted I am sure we can cope this time around.

“I have confidence in the arrangements we have put in place on the day.”

Some local councils say they may implement Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) when they become law in April 2014, in an effort to stop groups of immigrants squatting in public places.

However, Mr Lidington said this was an 

He said: “I feel that there is too much focus on the negative aspects surrounding the freedom of movement laws.

“If there are problems that arise because of these laws, then putting the orders in is one way of dealing with it, however I don’t think putting orders in before problems arise is the right answer.”

Aylesbury Vale District Council has no plans to put such orders in place.

A spokesman said: “We do not anticipate an influx of people from Romania and Bulgaria into Aylesbury Vale, as a result of the new rights to work in the UK for people from these countries.

“In the past Aylesbury Vale has welcomed many nationalities to the area, without any detrimental impact to the existing community.

“Any behaviour which has a negative impact on the community will be dealt with appropriately.”