MORE than 3,000 people a day use Buckinghamshire’s online gritter tracker

Snow in Aylesbury at the weekend
Snow in Aylesbury at the weekend
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SNOW is expected to start falling across the Vale and in Thame from 9pm tonight (Thursday).

According to the Met Office it is likely to continue falling until the early hours of Friday morning.

Snow in Aylesbury Town center

Snow in Aylesbury Town center

Today Buckinghamshire’s gritters have been out in-force salting the roads.

Transport for Bucks has a dedicated web page, which shows which roads will be salted and at which times.

Those logging-on to the service can also track the gritting lorries in real-time.

The service has proved extremely popular so far. On Friday 675 people used the service, but that number increased to 2,076 on Saturday when the snow fell.

By Sunday 3,321 logged-on to see which roads were usable.

On Monday, as commuters prepared to set-off at rush-hour, 2,490 used the service.

Only 767 logged-on on Tuesday to see what was happening on the roads, as the snow started to disappear in most places.

A spokesman for Transport for Bucks said: “It is clear, people are going to it for information which is excellent and that is what it is designed to do.

“We now also have over 1,000 followers on Twitter.

“We picked up 100 extras over the weekend, so that’s really good.

“We use Twitter to inform people of when we are getting, our gritting decision (whether we will be gritting or not) and the times we are going out.

“On Saturday we finished the normal gritting run that took us two hours and then we went straight out again. So people were able to see that we were constantly gritting.”

Click here to see which routes are being treated and track the gritters in real-time

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