More than £1,000 for dog finder

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A FAMILY is stumping up a reward in excess of £1,000 in a desperate attempt to get their beloved pet dog back.

Eight-year-old cross breed Quigley went missing more than a month ago in the Thame area.

His owner, Holly Palker, is appealing for people to get involved in the search and join ‘Team Quigley’ which, while unsuccessful as of yet, has seen a massive response from the public, as the family live in London.

“I was so shocked by the response,” said Holly.

“The amount of people offering to help has astonished me. Everyone’s getting involved – there’s even mums with prams out and about on the search.

“It’s so hard, the children – who are three and six – just don’t understand why he’s left us, and I don’t want to say he might be dead because he has been sighted several times.”

Quigley was seen last Saturday morning near Thame, and then on Sunday near the Ridgeway in Bledlow. People are now being urged to join forces, especially as it is six year old Olivia’s birthday today (Friday).

Call Holly on 07770 751631 or 01483 278259 or visit using the ID number 35889 to help.