Missing moggy’s stroke of luck

Sar Chi and his owner
Sar Chi and his owner

A family who went to The Blue Cross Lewknor adoption centre, near Thame, to find a new cat were shocked to find the missing moggy they lost six years ago.

Ian Kirkwood was browsing the rescue centre’s website searching for a new pet when he came across a familiar face staring out from the screen.

He was so struck by the tabby cat’s similarity to his lost pet Sar Chi, he compared pictures and discovered the markings looked identical. When he called in the rest of the family they were gobsmacked by the coincidence.

Mr Kirkwood said: “Sar Chi went missing one Sunday night and never came home in the morning, my boys were really upset. We put up posters around the area where we live but we never had any sightings of him.

“Recently a friend at work had suggested I look to home a cat from Blue Cross, something I hadn’t thought about previously.

“I was looking on The Blue Cross website and I saw this ten-year-old cat you would not usually look twice at, but it looked spookily like Sar Chi. We compared pictures side by side and it was more than just a likeness, it was the same cat.”

Dad of two Mr Kirkwood contacted the adoption centre in London Road and arranged to come and be reunited with Sar Chi, who had been dubbed Mr Darcy by staff after he arrived at the centre at the beginning of September with no identification or microchip.

When staff saw the pictures, they agreed it must be the same cat, his markings were virtually identical, apart from some ageing.

Mr Kirkwood added: “We have no idea what he has been doing for the past six years but it is great to see him again. The boys are over the moon and can’t wait to welcome him home.”

Sar Chi has now been microchipped so that if he goes missing again, he can be traced and returned to his owners. The Blue Cross always recommends pets are microchipped to avoid the heartbreak of losing a pet for good and to help reduce the number of vulnerable, stray animals on our streets.

Julie Stone, centre manager at The Blue Cross, said: “This has been a wonderful happy ending for Sar Chi and the Kirkwood family and we are so pleased we were able to reunite them.

“We would urge owners always to microchip their pets – it can save a lot of heart-ache in the future.”

A microchip, which is the size of a grain of rice, can be inserted under the animal’s skin in a quick and painless procedure for just £20 to £30 at a private vet’s.

The Blue Cross relies entirely on public donations to carry out its vital work. To find our more about adopting an animal from The Blue Cross, call the Lewknor adoption centre on 0300 777 1500 or visit www.bluecross.org.uk