Milk round is a family affair

Father and son team start up a milk round in Thame
Father and son team start up a milk round in Thame

A FATHER and son team are looking to beat the recession by setting up a milk round across Thame.

So far Andy and Alex Brown are delivering to around 200 houses in the area but by the end of the year they want to double that figure and become a permanent fixture in the area.

Having only started this month, the pair have been working all hours to make people aware that a new milk round has come to the town.

Dad Andy said: “We will always make sure our customers will have their milk on the doorstep for the time they wake up to have their morning cereal, we leave at midnight and believe that everyone should have their milk by 8am.

“We have had good feedback, all the people we have heard from are saying they are happy with what they have so far.”

The team have joined together in order to help Alex get back into work.

He was finding it hard to get a job and as a result he has decided to follow in his dad’s footsteps, with the long term aim being for him to do the milk round on his own.

Andy said: “My boy came back home from Leeds and wanted a job and I thought, well I have done it for 25 years and it hasn’t done me any harm so I asked him if he wanted to do it and the answer was ‘yes’.”

The pair are still delivering leaflets to houses in Thame, Long Crendon and Chinnor but are hoping that word of mouth will help them hit the 400 mark by December.

Andy added: “We hope that if we keep customers happy, they will help spread the word.”