Merging passions to find solutions

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With two older brothers taking on the family farm Geoff Ley knew he had to find another direction for his own career.

So with a lifelong interest in computers he found the perfect solution, combining his twin passions to provide total software packages to farm offices.

Mr Ley, who lives near Princes Risborough, said: “Farmers need an awful lot of help and computers can achieve this.”

His Thame-based business, SUM-IT Computer Systems, employs nine people and offers programs for accounts, arable, dairy, cattle and sheep records. The programs can be bought individually or purchased as a total package, with on-site installation and training.

Mr Lay was at the Livestock 2012 event in Birmingham on Wednesday (5th September) to promote his business to thousands of farmers from across the country.

He said: “Most of our clients come from shows like this, we go to all the big specialist events, they provide us with a shop window.”

In addition to enabling farmers, their secretaries and stockmen to create cross referenced records for things like statutory stock movements, fertiliser analysis and cashbook entries the SUM-IT packages can be personalised and act like a daily diary.

For example, on any one day the software can identify that a cow is due to calve, another cow still needs to be served, three creditors are due to be paid, one animal needs a passport and it is also the farmer’s wedding anniversary!

Mr Ley said: “Once they purchase the program it is the start of an on going relationship with us. The programs are updated five times a year to handle all necessary changes in agricultural legislation and our software can now do VAT automatically.”

The company also offers three different levels of backup telephone support.