Memorial match played in Chinnor for stalwart of youth football

Tony Lixton Memorial Trophy
Tony Lixton Memorial Trophy

A memorial match has been played in tribute to a stalwart of youth football in Chinnor.

Tony Lixton, who died almost two years ago, made an enormous contribution to the game and facilities for young people.

His connection to what is now Chinnor Youth FC dates back to the 1970s when he was watching his son David play, and he was asked to join the committee and was elected as chairman.

Over the years, Tony and his committee took the club from strength to strength, becoming one of the first sponsored boys football clubs in the country, eventually changing its name to Chinnor Youth FC, to be inclusive of girls, who were already part of the younger age groups, plus older boys who were not quite ready to join the adult football teams.

Through Tony’s leadership and the support in the background from his wife Wendy, Chinnor Youth developed into the wonderful facility that people in the town can use today.

The club paid tribute last Friday by hosting the first memorial match in his name, playing for the Tony Lixton Memorial Trophy, kindly donated by Wendy.

Many of the players who Tony guided through Youth football, went on to become the mainstay of the open age section, as it is now known, and it is very many of those players that represented the two teams in the memorial game.

The teams, whose average age way over 50, led by Richard Carr (Sports old boys) and Dave Stokes (Exiles old boys), played out a memorable game, ending in a 4-2 victory to the Sports.

It was very fitting, that Tony’s wife Wendy, along with her son David, who played in the game, alongside grandson Tom White, who refereed the fixture and Tony’s daughter Debbie spectating, were all there to help present the Trophy to the Exiles. Of course, this was suitably followed by the raising of a celebratory toast to Tony.

This fixture is now set to become a regular feature of the Chinnor football calendar and the club looks forward to many more young footballers enjoying Tony’s legacy.